Akti Rooms is a two-level complex that houses 7 double rooms
and 3 studios

Akti Seafood Restaurant

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best seafood restaurant of the island that has forged a 15 year reputation for dining excellence.

Enjoys an idyllic location, as it seems to literally hang over the sea, offering a magnificent view of the Venetian Castle and the amphitheatrically built Chora. It compromises 6 levels, with the first 3 to form a private dining tables area, curved on the rock, ideal for exclusive moments of gastronomic superior quality.

The menu is solely formed with fresh fish, seafood dishes, and authentic local handmade delicacies. It is easy to make the right associations for the quality of the ingredients when you consider that another appellation of Astypalea is Ichtheoessa (meaning, very rich in fish and sea life). Therefore, all dishes are a blend of Aegean sea tastes, local herbs and spices, with a modern Greek cuisine finishing. While, our cellar covers a wide variety of Greek established brands.

Dining at Akti Seafood Restaurant is definitely a supreme gastronomic experience at a picturesque location.